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Ski Egypt

Sinai, Egypt. | Jabal Katherina

Ski Egypt

Sinai, Egypt. | Jabal Katherina

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Jabal Katherina Foto: 'Sinai, Egypt.' av nowhereman1977

Sinai, Egypt., Jabal Katherina

Sinai, Egypt.

Egypt | Jabal Katherina

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muhammad There are some bad aspects in my country Egypt even though i love it, it so often sends hailstones in area i'm currently living in however i never seen such snow in reality but someday i will visit Sinai to enjoy my country's beautiful natural, Egypt can really be a heaven ;-)
Altitude These mountains are over 2km high, so it's not such a big wonder. Nice pics. 8-)
hvv,k eghh :oops: :oops: :-x :cry: :-(
ambro this is really beautiful egypt under the snow
Hisham Wow H can not believe it
Billy Lynum Where's the ski run? :cry: