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  • Väderprognos för Chamonix på 3842 m höjd utfärdad: 6 am19 Jan 2018 (lokal tid)
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Dagar0-3 Chamonix väderöversikt:

Ett tungt snöfall, tyngst under sön eftermiddag. Det kommer att bli många minusgrader (max -9°C på sön eftermiddag, min -21°C på fre kväll). minskande vindar (kraftiga stormar från VNV på lör eftermiddag, friska vindar från VNV senast sön natt).

Dagar4-6 Chamonix väderöversikt:

Ett tungt snöfall, tyngst under mån förmiddag. Det kommer att bli minusgrader (max -5°C på tis kväll, min -11°C på mån kväll). minskande vindar (starka vindar från VNV på mån eftermiddag, lätta vindar från VNV senast tis natt).
fredag 19lördag 20söndag 21måndag 22tisdag 23onsdag 24
Vind (km/h)
60 W60
45 WNW45
50 NW50
40 WNW40
75 WNW75
75 NW75
60 NW60
60 NW60
40 WNW40
35 WNW35
45 WNW45
30 NW30
25 NW25
25 NW25
10 NW10
15 WSW15
20 WSW20
20 WSW20
Måttligt snöfall
lätt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
lätt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
Kraftigt snöfall
lätt snöfall
en del moln
en del moln
en del moln
T alps snow sum19.cc23
T alps snow sum20.cc23
T alps snow sum21.cc23
T alps snow sum22.cc23
T alps snow sum23.cc23
T alps snow sum24.cc23
Snö cm
Regn mm
Max °C
Minst °C
Chamonix freezing level scale
snowy slopeChamonix freezing level
Eyeball snow report
  1. Unnamed (1)Element Ski School Usual story - delayed opening but Mt Fort sector and Mt Gele closed. Everything else above Ruinettes preparing but not open yet. Savoleyres however is all good. Keep an eye on things here. [link] #verbier
  2. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: There is heavy snow falling in La Plagne.
  3. eyeball reporter Powder day!. Light snow falling up high.
  4. Weather whiteroom logoWhite Room Chalet So much fresh snow in Sainte Foy. [link]
  5. eyeball reporterSnow Forecast User Report: It is snowing steadily at Verbier.

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Visitor Reviews of Chamonix

Martin from United Kingdom writes:

I love Chamonix; I hate it in equal measure. I've been there in summer and winter and had great times and truly terrible times there.

I'd consider myself a solid off-piste skier with many powder trips under my belt. But I'd still say that without a guide, I'd be really cautious of taking on some of Cham's powder as the danger factor is ramped up on the heavily crevassed glaciers and risk from seracs above. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or didn't have the right inside knowledge but I struggled to find good stuff in what I'd call a reasonable distance from the lifts. As I said, get a guide who will presumably open it all up for you. You've only got to have one timid off-pister in the group to make the powder off limits without splitting up. Most of us can't afford a guide for the whole week. So while we all talk a good powder game, I'd say for most of us, to get a good shot at enjoying powder on your one week away I'd go elsewhere. Controversial I know!

For a long weekend, the pistes are fine with plenty of variety around the valley. For a week, you really do need to get off-piste so without a guide or a seriously blinkered view of your own mortality you're going to be struggling.

Chamonix, like any mountain centre, is at the mercy of the weather and Mont Blanc does seem to create a bit of a micro-climate. So you may find the powder lines you've researched all autumn are totally out of scope when you get there. Be flexible and prepare to get in your car and try elsewhere.

The town itself is good fun with something for everyone. Want posh? It can out-posh the Beckhams. You want grungy? No problem, Cham can go cheap and dirty as you like. As others have said, it benefits from the authenticity of being a proper town, even though the whole town is geared around tourism.

My advice? Give Chamonix a go, maybe for a long weekend at first. Just don't expect it to scratch all your powder itches without serious investment in guides and a touch of good luck with the weather.

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